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I also love to create elopement sets of a combination of bridal bouquet and boutonniere, or just bouquet/boutonniere, etc. An elopement set is, naturally, far less costly than a full wedding package. 


I would love to be a part - big or small - of making your event even more spectacular. Please reach out and let me know your vision! 

weddings with CA Wildflowers

I view it as a high honor to get to help couples dream up the vision for your wedding day. There can be so much understandable stress involved with planning an event - especially a wedding! - and it is a key part of my job to buoy my couples and work to find the most celebratory, joyful, flower-shaped reminders of why you are getting married. I will work to lighten the load of planning each step of the way, communicating transparently and designing florals to beautifully complement your venue and vision.  


Flowers can bring so much lightness, joy, and beauty into a space. I believe they are even more beautiful when they are in their natural element, reflecting the organic, fluid, and  (dare I say) unruly shapes they achieve in nature. As such, I work tirelessly to source locally-grown, seasonal blooms already at home in our region. My designs will also work with the inherent beauty of your venue and blooms, so it appears your florals are in their natural element. 

Practicing local, sustainable floristry is important to me, as it is one small way I can work to care for our region and our local growers. The decision to not buy exported flowers can be more costly at times, but it is a key part of my approach. As such, I have a minimum wedding cost of $3,000. Yours is the only wedding I will work for your chosen weekend, so you can be confident that you have my full focus. 

I am now booking 2024 and 2025 weddings! 

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I can't wait to be in touch! 

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